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At Open Window School, faculty and staff members enjoy a climate of superb collaboration and professional dialogue that is built on a firm foundation of equity and inclusivity. Open Window School recognizes that diverse perspectives and backgrounds strengthen our school culture, educational program, and community. Authentic learning occurs best in an environment that includes interactions with others who bring a diverse array of experiences and perspectives to the school. We embrace both our commonalities and the complex range of differences that enrich our community. In accordance with our Diversity Commitment, Open Window seeks faculty and staff of all backgrounds to participate fully and equitably in the school community. Faculty and staff members are part of a dynamic team that works together in fulfillment of our school’s Core Values: Teaching, Authenticity, a Love of Learning, Social and Emotional Learning, and Community. Having teachers who “get” students identified as gifted means having a faculty that loves to learn and passes that passion on to their students via the learning experiences they construct. Open Window School has positions open for passionate, bright, dynamic individuals who love to learn and can enrich our school. If that statement describes you, please apply!